58 soldiers injured in Ladakh conflict may resume duties in the week: Army

Of the wounded soldiers, 18 were in Leah Hospital. The remaining 56 are spread across hospitals, sources said.

NEW DELHI: At least 17 Army personnel from various hospitals were injured in a clash with Chinese soldiers in the Galvan Valley in Ladakh on Monday evening. Sources said that none of them were important at this time and that all could return to duty.

Eighteen of the wounded soldiers are in Leah Hospital, who will arrive at their posts in 15 days. The remaining 56 are spread over other hospitals, which can accommodate a week.

At least 20 soldiers were killed in a confrontation on Monday evening in an attempt to remove a Chinese-made tent from Indian troops led by Colonel BK Santosh Babu.

In the battle near Patrol Point 14, Indian soldiers attacked barbed wire, nail-wrapped clubs and rocks - ignoring Chinese positions on the verge of a virtual control line in Indian Territory, which is actually the border between India and China

Although Beijing provides no official figures, at least 45 Chinese soldiers have been killed or wounded.

Earlier today, the military said it had now counted all the soldiers involved in the deadly conflict after newspaper reports reported that some Indian soldiers were in Chinese custody.

Without commenting on reports in The Hindu, the Army said it was "clear that Indian soldiers were not in action."

However, this is the second consecutive day that talks between the two armies have been vague. The Major General of the Army opened a second round of talks today.

India has made it clear that China hopes to revive its steps and take corrective measures. In a telephonic conversation yesterday, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar told his Chinese counterpart that the unprecedented development "will have a serious impact on bilateral relations."

NDTV-owned high-resolution satellite images suggest blocking or disturbing the flow of the icy Galvan River - at an altitude of 15,000 feet above sea level - less than a kilometer from the scene of violent encounters.

Chinese bulldozers operating on the banks of the LAC, the pictures clearly show where the river flow is changing.

This afternoon, with full military honors performed by Telangana Colonel BK Thousands, attended the funeral of Santosh Babu.

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