According to the United Nations and WHO, infections arise from the destruction of nature

According to international leaders of the United Nations, WHO, and WWF, infectious diseases such as coronavirus are the result of destroying the very nature of humanity, and the world has been ignoring this radical reality for decades.

Leaders told the Guardian that the illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade as well as the destruction of forests and other wild areas were the driving forces behind the growing disease from wildlife.

They are calling for a green and healthy recovery from the Kovid-19 pandemic, especially by improving destructive agriculture and sustainable foods.

A WWF report also published on Wednesday warned: "New [wildlife-to-human] disease threat is emerging with the potential to wreak havoc on health, the economy and global security in the future." More than ever. "

The head of the WWF in Britain has said that post-Brexit trade deals that fail to protect nature would help Britain "increase the risk of the next pandemic."

Issuing high-level data warnings since March, some of the world's leading biodiversity experts say there are likely to be more deadly diseases in the future until the devastation of the natural world is rapidly extinguished.

In June, the United Nations Environment Chief and a leading economist named the Kovid-19 human agency as the "SOS signal" and did not recognize that the current economic idea is that human wealth depends on natural health.

"We have seen emerging diseases such as Zika, AIDS, SARS and Ebola, and they all originate from animal populations under extreme environmental conditions," said Elizabeth Maruma Marema, Head of Biological Diversity, United in Maria. WWF International Head of Environment and Health Marco Lambertini in the Neera and Guardian article.

With coronavirus, "this outbreak is a manifestation of our dangerously unbalanced relationship with nature," he said. “They all say that our self-destructive behavior towards nature is endangering our own health - a reality we have collectively ignored for decades.

"Worse yet, we have seen the reverse happening when Kovid-19 gives us another reason to protect and protect nature. All this comes at a time when we need it most.

"We need to be healthy, healthy, and green, and kickstart a comprehensive shift towards a model that sees nature as the foundation of a healthy society. Instead of trying to save money by ignoring the environment, health systems, and social security nets, the bill has already been paid for. "

WWF reports are mainly drivers of wild animal trafficking, deforestation, aggravation of agriculture and livestock production, as well as high-risk wildlife trade and consumption.

The report urges all governments to enact and enforce laws to eliminate deforestation from the goods supply chain and to make their food more sustainable.

Those linked to deforestation include beef, palm oil and soy, and scientists say avoiding meat and dairy products is the biggest way for people to reduce the environmental impact on the planet.

WWF UK chief Tanya Steele said post-Brexit agreements should protect nature: “We cannot complicate the next pandemic. We need strong legislation and trade agreements that prevent the importation of food that results in massive deforestation or that ignores poor welfare and environmental standards in producing countries. There is a golden opportunity for the government to create transformative, world-leading change. "

The WWF report states that since 1990, 60-70% of new diseases in humans have come from wildlife. In the same period, 178m hectares of forest were cleared, which is seven times higher than Britain's.

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