American prisoners need a face-to-face meeting with Iran

The US wants a face-to-face meeting with the diplomat Iran to discuss the release of the prisoners, and the United Nations on the Islamic Republic. The Security Council wants to impose an indefinite number of weapons. The senior diplomat said Tuesday.

Both opponents disagreed on a number of issues, including US President Donald Trump's decision two years ago to withdraw the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, under which Tehran has limited its nuclear program in exchange for economic sanctions relief.

Trump reinstated US sanctions that saw Iran's oil exports as the country's main source of income, and Iran embarked on its nuclear program. Washington believes that Iran may seek nuclear weapons, Tehran denies it.

Despite tensions, the two sides reached an agreement under which Iran freed a U.S. Navy veteran on June 4, detained from 2018, and the United States hired an Iranian-American doctor to allow him to visit Iran.

Speaking at a virtual event hosted by the Council on Foreign Relations, USA Special Representative Iran Brian Hook said he hopes to discuss prisoners' conversion and issues.

Tehran has been reluctant since the Trump administration pulled out of the nuclear deal, demanding the return of the nuclear deal to the US administration.

“We like to do consular dialogue in an in-person meeting so that we can move faster,” Hook said.

"The door of diplomacy is wide open from our side, not just on these issues ... All the issues about US-Iran bilateral relations in 41 years," Trump said at the negotiating table. Above. "

Washington, who criticized Tehran for backing projections in Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen, said he believes Iran's indefinite proliferation of US weapons in October will continue.

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