Arnold Schwarzenegger left Veteran Gym on mask policy

No cover-up here! The reason why Arnold Schwarzenegger refused to go to his longtime California gym is uncertain.

TMZ said the "Terminator" star cycled for a workout Tuesday morning at the Gold Gym in Venice, California.
While 72-year-old Arnold was wearing a mask due to a coronavirus pandemic, he noticed that many gym members were not wearing masks during their workouts. Front desk staff informed Arnold that people should wear masks when they enter and when they are in some common areas, but they do not need to wear masks when they are actually working.
Upon hearing the explanation, TMZ stated that Arnold had not crossed the front desk and could not lift a single weight inside the Venetian gym, where he was essentially royalty. The website says Arnold's departure does not mean political stance - he is only concerned about his and one's safety.
The former California governor said "until people start wearing masks on the floor - or when there is a vaccine - it's all about gold," TMP said.
Last Friday, Jim opened his doors for the first time in several California counties because of an epidemic of coronavirus virus that had to close in March.

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