Biden says Trump has no leadership on the virus response

Joe Biden on Wednesday called on President Donald Trump to "wake up" to the damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which has severely criticized the country's president's leadership during the economic revival. Virus.

"Donald Trump wants to style himself as a war president. Unlike other war heroes, he takes no responsibility, rehearses without leadership, and now he has finished the fight.

To emphasize his podium multiple times, Biden accused the president of trying to declare an epidemic that continued to kill Americans and wreak havoc on the economy.

"Mr. President, this will not leave the American people to deal with the threat. There is no guidance, resources or leadership from the federal government."

"Don't waste much of our time."

Biden spent much of the last month delivering a 15-minute speech on everything from the murder of George Floyd to the management of his economy, in a 15-minute speech Wednesday in response to Trump's criticism of the administration. The outbreak of the virus.

The Democratic Democratic presidential nominee has attacked Trump over the high death rate in the US, claiming the economy is "still messed up." In the absence of “clear guidance” from the federal government on how businesses should respond, Biden warned that the economic outlook could be distorted.

“We lost some interest because we lost interest in him because he started doing it all,” Biden said.

Earlier Wednesday, at a Soul Food restaurant and bar in the Philadelphia suburb, Biden met with a handful of small business owners for a socially skewed listening session on how the coronavirus virus epidemic has impacted their businesses.

Sitting 6 feet apart from each other around the outer tables, local business owners expressed concern about the lack of guidance from the federal government to reopen.

Scott Richardson, owner of the occasional caf and catering company in Swarthmore, Scotland, said he cut his staff from 12 to four in the midst of the epidemic. He told Biden that he voted for Trump in 2016, but that the president is now "more interested in day trading" than a long-term plan to deal with coronaviruses.

Biden said no one was taking responsibility during the "outbreak" of the Trump administration, a sign of forthcoming comments.

Last week, Biden said he would gradually reopen the economy in Philadelphia, boosting business owners or customers without putting them in unnecessary risk. The former vice president has promised that, if elected, he will guarantee the testing of the virus and protective equipment and protect those who return from its spread.

He wants to use federal money and call for people to test positive, pay sick leave for those who are sick, or caregivers, a workforce, or "job corps" that identify at least 100,000 people and puts them in contact.

Biden later proposed the "Safe Shopper" program, which would protect consumers from becoming ill. He did not say how much his campaign cost, yet Biden himself was a "big-spending Democrat." But, "if we don't do it, we will be in deep, deep, deep trouble."

The former vice president said that Trump "repeatedly emphasized the stability of the financial markets over the economy and the health of the country."

Trump's reelection campaign claims the Republican president issued "science-based" guidelines to jumpstart the economy a week ago.

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