Brad Pitt compared Jade Aniston's donation to the anti-racist organization

Just days after Jennifer Aniston donated $ 1 million to an anti-racist organization called Color of Change, her former husband Brad Pitt was reportedly matched.

''A source told The Mirror, "Brad was really involved with the charity because of Jane and he said she would match her donation." "He went to the protests this week and was at his house the day before. Both of them were very passionate and wanted to help as much as possible."

The purpose of the Color of Change is to advance the cause of black communities and "to deal with the injustice faced by black people."

"This week is heartbreaking for so many reasons. We have to admit that racism and brutality have been going on in this country for a long time - and it's never fair," he wrote on Instagram. "As partners who seek equality and peace, it is our responsibility to make noise, seek justice, educate ourselves on these issues, and, above all, to spread love. How long can we pass without time? How much time?"

Like Jane, she has been in the "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" past - financially and physically - with the Black Lives Matter movement. Last week he joined other A-listers in a show for George in Hollywood.

In late May and early June - in the wake of the nationwide protests against George's death and the police crackdown targeting black Americans - celebrities have rushed to show solidarity. Kanye West is one of the stars who financed George, Ahmed Erbay and Brio Taylor with $ 2 million in financial aid for loved ones and legal teams. The college fundraiser was set up to donate the “Jesus is King” rapper for George’s 6-year-old daughter Joanna. Other celebrities have donated large sums of money to charitable causes, including John Cena and the K-pop group BTS, who each donated $ 1 million to Black Lives Matter. Filmmaker and comedy star Jordan Peel has donated $ 1 million to five organizations, including Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective.

The non-profit organization said on its website, "We challenge injustice, hold corporations and politicians accountable, commission game-changing research on inequality systems and advance solutions for racial justice that can change our world."

Jane donated six numbers to the organization last week and voiced her concern about ending racism.

George Floyd died in Minneapolis, Minn., On May 25th. While in police custody, the actress called for systemic change.

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