China Coronavirus Second Wave Risk 'Very High' Beijing Official Says

New cases of a novel coronavirus in China have increased by more than 100 in the last two days, with 36 new cases reported Sunday in the Chinese capital, Beijing, city officials confirmed Monday, predicting a second wave of the virus. Country.

According to figures compiled by Johns Hopkins University, the second consecutive day, the country's latest daily count is the highest since mid-April.

New group cases are linked to Beijing's Shinfadi Wholesale Food Market, 20 times larger than the Seafood Market in Wuhan, where the first outbreak is suspected.

"The risk of spread is high, so we must take concrete and decisive action," Beijing city government spokesman Xu Heijiang said at a press conference on Monday.

Beijing's latest daily number of cases is the highest in the city since late March. A total of 79 new cases have been reported in Beijing in four days, the highest number of infections in the capital since February, Beijing said.

China reported a total of 49 new cases on Sunday, including 10 new cases, out of which 92 were imported.

Among the new, imported cases are the new transformation in Shanghai, one from the US and the other from Ghana in Fujian Province. Others were four returning from Sichuan Province to Egypt and two from Chongqing Province from India. The South China Morning Post reported that the Shanxi province also reported two cases of travel from Russia and Pakistan.

Yang Peng, an epidemiologist at the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, told state broadcaster CCTV on Sunday that the virus's DNA sequencing is likely to spread from Europe.

"Our initial expectation was that the virus came from overseas. We are yet to determine how it got here. It could be on contaminated seafood or meat or spread from public faces inside the market," Yang said...

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