Coronavirus: Doubts in German state 'large-scale' test planning

The southern German state of Bavaria on Sunday announced that it had called the state's health minister "corona test offensive".

State Health Minister Melania Hummel said the contracted doctor for all Bavarian citizens would be tested immediately.

The state also bills for tests that do not cover public health insurance.

“The cornerstone of our Bavarian test concept is that all the people who need to be tested for the SARS-COV-2 infection will be able to find out they are infected,” Hummel said.

Bavaria became the first German state to offer universal testing. To date, testing has focused on people with symptoms or potential risks, as well as increasing their chances of getting infected.

According to the Robert Koch Institute for Disease Control in Germany, there were 48,294 coronavirus viruses and 2,592 virus-related deaths compared to other states in Bavaria.

The decision for a comprehensive hearing was set for earlier this month following a major outbreak of slaughter related to the West German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Test 'snapshot only'

German Health Minister Jens Spahn has expressed support for Bavaria's testing plan but said people should not be mistaken about safety.

Span told the German news agency DPA, "Comprehensive testing makes sense, especially to prevent regional spread. We have adopted our federal testing concept accordingly."

"However, testing is only a snapshot. You don't have to be in the wrong sense of security."

Chancellor Angela Merkel's Center-South CDU party health expert Karin Magg expressed similar concerns in the German parliament.

Mag told the Bavarian-based Augsburg AllGamen newspaper, "Immediately after the test, I know if I tested positive or negative, but I will get sick in the next few days."

Magg’s counterpart to the center-left SPD party, Carl Lauterbach, called for a more targeted approach to the investigation.

"We want to make sure the right people are tested and the tests are cheap," Lauterbach told Funk Media Group.

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