Deepika finds a debate about mental health: Don't mention the name of the person you are.

Actress Deepika Padukone has been found to have decided to speak on social media about her mental health issues. However, Deepika has also provided an important piece of advice for those who share their experiences in the public arena.

In a string of tweets, Danish spoke of depression and anxiety. "For 3 years through medicine and antidepressants, I don't sleep at night without taking my Cipralex tablet. Depression is nothing. In reply to her, Deepika wrote, "Many of you are very happy to come out and share your experience with a major illness."

On the other, "However, I would advise you not to name for yourself and/or the specifics of the dose, because: - This is not a rule for everyone. - Information may be misused." That is.

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput's suicide on Sunday shocked the film industry. Many have taken to social media to talk about mental health and find ways to deal with depression.

 Deepika also shared a post about this. "As someone who has experience living with mental illness, I can't stress enough the importance of reaching out." He urged his followers to "speak, communicate, express and ask for help" in such a situation. "Remember, you're not alone. We're together. And the most important thing is hope," her post read. Deepika has long been an advocate for mental health awareness and often speaks of her own experience with depression. He also started the Live Laugh Love Foundation, which provides mental health assistance to people.

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