Dominic Robb: Knee 'feels like a sign of captivity'

The Foreign Secretary, Dominic Rabb, said he considers Black Lives Matter a move to take the knee as a "symbol of oppression and oppression" and believes it came from the TV program Game of Thrones.

Rob said he understands why some people dragged their knees - this is actually the outbreak of racism and police brutality initiated by American athletes, especially American football player Colin Kaepernick - but he is the queen and only Mrs. Marry me ”.

The posture of giving people a knee on earth is ubiquitous as a demonstration of support and respect for BLM, such as George Floyd, who was killed by police in Minneapolis.

Among the recipients of the currency was the UK's labor leader, Keir Starr. Some police officers have also protested, and Premier League footballers and officials have been kneeling before the first games on Wednesday as the season breaks due to coronaviruses.

Radario was asked to speak on Thursday about whether to receive the currency. He replied: "You know what? I understand this uncomfortable feeling that drives the Black Lives Matter movement.

"I mean, take a knee-jerk on it - I don't know. Maybe it's an elaborate history, but it seems to have originated from the Game of Thrones - I think it's a symbol of oppression and subversion. It's a personal choice. "

It is unclear whether Roub believes the game came from the popular TV fantasy series Game of Thrones.

It all started when the team started sitting on the bench instead of singing the NFL pre-game of the US National Anthem, a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers in protest of racism and police vandalism.

Kaepernick, who was among the other players, later decided to pose on one knee, saying he had said the same thing, showing greater respect for military veterans. Among those who contacted him were Nate Boyer, the former Green Beret, who also played in the NFL.

Kaepernick's actions forced him out of the professional game and Donald Trump and others criticized him. He may now return to the NFL, even as Trump says he is not a problem.

When asked if he would kneel to support BLM, Rob said: "When I ask you to marry me, I kneel for two people: Queen and Mrs."

Regarding his wife, he said: "By the way, she's in conflict. I had this conversation with him last night. I know I certainly did, but we obviously had a lot of champagne at the time, but I did something wrong."

Rob's comments have caused derision from some Labor MPs. Shadow Justice Secretary David Lamy tweeted: "This is not only an insult to the Black Lives Matter movement. It is very embarrassing for Dominic Robb. He is considered the Secretary of State for the United Kingdom."

Former shadow home secretary Diane Abbott said: “In 2016, American knee-jerk knees began to decline as American athletes refused to stand for the US national anthem. They oppose police brutality and racism. But Dominic Rob thinks it comes from Game of Thrones !!! "

Responding later on Twitter, Rob said: "To be clear: I have complete respect for the Black Lives Matter movement and the issues that drive them. If people want to kneel, I respect their choice and I do. We all have to come together to deal with any discrimination and social injustice."

A spokesman for Boris Johnson said the Prime Minister did not comment on the matter: "The Secretary of State has made it very clear that he is expressing a personal opinion and he tweeted about it."

Rab's theory of Game of Thrones is not the first time he has expressed unusual views. In 2018, as secretary of Brexit, he was criticized for insisting on the importance of the Dover-Callas crossing for UK trade and provoking some mockery.

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