Dr. Anthony Fauci: Football players with a coronavirus second wave may not have a 'bubble' season. '

Among the COVID pandemic, the revenue of the NBA, WNBA, MLS, and NWSL is creating a "bubble" environment for their leagues.

The NFL plans to use its 2020 season with a regular travel schedule and teams to use their home stadiums. Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. According to Anthony Fauci, Drs. According to Anthony Fauci, this presents a problem.

Fauci told CNN on Thursday, "unless the players are essentially in a bubble - they don't touch society and they get tested almost every day. It's hard to see how football plays out."

If he had spread the second wave of coronavirus during the fall, he would have been pessimistic the entire season.

"If there's a second wave, it's definitely a flu and the flu season is complicated, then football might not happen this year," he told CNN.

At least two NFL players, Denzil Broncos safety Kareem Jackson and the Dazzle Cowboys, run by Ezekiel Elliott, tested positive for the virus this week. Commissioner Roger Goodell said in an interview with ESPN on Monday that the league expects players to test positive this season.

In college football, programs across the country have reported positive tests for players.

The NFL allowed coaching staff to return to team facilities, but players were not allowed to enter unless rehabilitated by injuries.

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