Envoy said Serbia and Kosovo leaders host the White House

 US Ambassador Richard Grenell said on Twitter that top officials representing wartime Balkan enemies will meet at the White House on June 27. Serbia and Kosovo agreed to give up the conflict to resume negotiations.

"I received a commitment from the governments of Kosovo and Serbia to negotiate a temporary accreditation campaign and international membership from Washington, DC on June 27 at the White House," he said.

Kosovo declared unilateral independence from Serbia in 2008, nearly a decade after NATO forces expelled Serbian troops from their territory. European Union arbitration relations between Balkan neighbors have returned to normal in 2018 when Kosovo imposes trade barriers on imports from Serbia without allowing them to join international organizations.

Kosovo President Hashim Thassi said on Facebook that the United States is inviting President Donald Trump to resume the dialogue process to normalize relations between Kosovo and Serbia. Grenell. "

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