Former French Prime Minister Filon has been jailed for embezzling public money

PARIS  A French court on Monday suspended all three men after serving five years in prison for embezzling public money in a scandal that led to his presidency in 2017.

For her role in the scandal, the court convicted Filon's wife, Penelope, of nearly 1 million euros for her husband's work as a parliamentary assistant. He was sentenced to three years.

The chief justice said that the 66-year-old Filan's payment to his wife had exceeded the public's confidence in the political class.

"Mrs. Phelan has been appointed to an unused position," Chief Justice Nathalie Gavarino told the couple.

Defense attorney Antonin Levy said Fylans will appeal the ruling. This means that Phelan will not go to jail before the appeal is heard.

Filan was at the forefront of the election race when he was allegedly a complete political insider from 2007–2012 under Nicolas Sarkozy.

At the time, he condemned the mistake, resisted the party's pressure to pull his candidacy and was eliminated in the first round of voting.

When the scandal broke out, Fillon said he had launched a dirty tricks campaign and had done nothing illegal, although he did admit the error of the verdict.

But the court said the couple failed to prove what Penelope did as a result of the scandal and made money.

"The resulting personal enrichment (is sufficient)," the judges decided.

Phelan was not announced immediately after the sentencing.

The court has suspended third co-defendant Mark Zollard, Penelope Filan, to three years in prison for maintaining channel money after taking the parliamentary seat of a conservative politician.

The court ordered Felles to pay damages of జాతీయ 401,000 to the National Assembly, and to pay Penelope Fil మరియుn and Joulad another 9 679,000.

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