Former N. on organized crime. The Macedonian prosecutor has been jailed for abuse of power

Skopje, a former special prosecutor for North Macedonia, was sentenced Thursday to seven years in prison for allegedly taking money from a businessman convicted of organized crime, and the office is under investigation on corruption charges.

Skopje was convicted by the court of sharing a 1.5 1.5 million payment to a mediator to Kataka Geneva, in exchange for detaining him and acquiring him from the businessman in exchange for his release from custody.

The court found Bojan Jovanovski guilty of money laundering and unlawful influence, abusing the authority of Geneva and accepting money for intermediaries. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

The corruption investigation into the businessman has been completed, but prosecutors have not said whether charges will be pursued.

The case became a major headache for Prime Minister Joran Zhao, as Jovanovski, the entertainer-involved businessman, was serious about his relations with top officials of the Social Democratic government.

His social media profile includes photographs of Jav, his ministers, and socialization with Geneva.

The Office of the Special Prosecutor for Corruption and Organized Crime was created under the European Union 2015 Agreement, which ended a two-year political crisis in northern Macedonia.

Its main function is to settle matters that ordinary law firms cannot handle due to political pressure. In very few cases there were allegations or proceedings.

An important condition for this is that North Macedonia wants membership of the European Union and the prevention of corruption and organized crime.

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