‘I think Putin can play like [Trump] Fidel’: John Bolton

President Donald Trump's former national security adviser, John Bolton, told ABC News that Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to play Trump "like Bella."

"I think Putin can play him like Bella. I think Putin is clever and tough. He plays very good hands. And I think - I think he's looking at it - he's not a serious opponent here," Bolton said in an exclusive interview.

Bolton is about to release an explosive book about his 17 months in the White House on June 23, in which Trump is described as "surprisingly ignorant", ignoring basic facts and easily manipulated by foreign opponents.

"When you are working with people like Putin who have made his life to understand Russia's strategic position in the world, enjoy reading about or learning about these things, as opposed to Donald Trump, which is a very difficult situation for America," Bolton Global Affairs correspondent Martha Redgett told ABC News Said the Head.

Bolton's remarks, along with many of the stories he shared in the book "The Room When It Happens," were a shocking indictment of the sitting president by his own former top advisers.

Bolton left the White House last September, saying he resigned when Trump announced his dismissal. Bolton said in his book and interview that Trump lied about his exit circumstances and more.

When Trump tells Redz about the lie, Bolton said, "And it's not the first time."

While Trump has made himself the ultimate bargain, Bolton reflects on what he has said at meetings with Putin, North Korea's Kim Jong Un, China's Xi Jinping, Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan and more. Attacks.

"When it comes to Manhattan real estate, the president can be a great deal," Bolton told ABC News, but Putin said he was not facing a serious adversary here, and that he was working with her. And he works on her ... I don't think she's worried about Donald Trump. "

Trump has "identified" Putin, Kim, and Shia, saying Bolton is eager to meet Trump, and that he has been complimented and manipulated without consultants.

In particular, Bolton said it was easier for foreign opponents to take advantage of Trump because they knew how much Trump was willing to win this November.

"I am under intense pressure to identify important decisions that were not triggered by re-election counts during Trump's tenure," Bolton wrote in the book, which received an advanced copy of ABC News Vent.

Bolton himself is not without controversy. Trump's legal team was "disgusted" when his manuscript details first leaked during the indictment hearing in the Senate. Extremely conservative, he is also known for his naive views on North Korea and Iran, which often accompany the president.

Democrats criticized him for refusing to testify before the House's final impeachment hearing. Instead, Bolton stepped in to speak before the Senate, but the Republican-controlled company refused to hear from witnesses at the president's trial.

Bolton said the House investigation was now too narrow and political and that Congress would have to investigate Trump for additional potential criminal offenses, saying Trump was "making personal choices" to interfere in criminal investigations of foreign companies. This is a dictatorial choice, ”he wrote. Book.

Ginny pleaded that Trump considered "an obstacle to justice as a way of life" and "make sure China won by buying wheat and soybeans," and with him, American farmers' support for Trump.

US Trade Representative Robert Lightgeiser said Wednesday, "Absolutely untrue. It never happened. I was there. I don't remember it ever happening. I don't believe this to be true. Is. "

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