Iran warns again for stricter virus controls

Iran warned on Monday that it would have to prevent stringent measures on the coronavirus novel to ensure social reform, as it reported more than 100 deaths on the second day in a row.

Health Ministry spokeswoman Sima Sadat Lauri said 113 new deaths since the country's inception in February, totaling 8,950 people, with a total COVID-19.

He said another 2,449 people tested positive for the virus in the last 24 hours, bringing the total caseload of the Islamic Republic to 189,876.

The Iranian government has shut down schools, postponed major outdoor activities, and halted inter-city travel to prevent the spread of the virus since March.

Official figures are on the rise in newly confirmed cases since early May, with Iran reaching a nearly two-month low in daily reported infections.

Government spokesman Ali Rabi said Monday about the lack of social distance between the people in the holy places and on public transport.

"At a news conference," the (Tehran) Metro said, 90 percent of commuters use masks, but no social hassles are seen.

“In some provinces, we have reached the peak of the disease, but this is not a new peak.

"With the slight decline in Tehran," the death toll is not yet sharp, "but an increase in some other provinces, Rabi said.

"If we find that the outbreak of the virus is out of control ... then we will definitely enforce tough decisions again."

Iran reported 107 deaths on Sunday due to COVID-19 disease - the first 100 since April 13.

According to Larry, five of Iran's 31 provinces are currently classified as "red" - the highest level on Iran's color-coded risk scale.

There are doubts at home and abroad about Iran's official COVID-19 data, with concerns that the actual toll may be too high.

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