Israeli Netanyahu destroys West Bank in two stages

Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a limited primary affiliate in the Occupied West Bank and is expected to avoid international opposition to pledges of wider regional moves.

Netanyahu said that an American peace plan intended for Israel to retain its bases in the West Bank would provide them with a "historic opportunity" to expand Israel's sovereignty and the Jordan Valley region.

In the 1967 war, Israel occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank in the Gaza Strip. Palestinians will establish a state in those areas and call the peace blueprint President Donald Trump announced in January.

Netanyahu newspaper Israel Hume, broadly reflecting his views, says that right-wing leaders are now seeing the possibility of attachment in two stages.

Netanyahu, who began a cabinet debate on the issue on July 1, said he was considering removing only small settlements in the first phase, after the Palestinians were newly called out for peace talks, and the rest are calling people back.

Israeli officials said that Netanyahu's announcement prompted fierce opposition from Palestinians, Arab countries and European countries, but that Washington has not yet agreed on the move.

Wasil Abu Yusuf, a member of the Palestinian Liberation Organization's executive committee, said it does not matter if the phasing out of the occupation. "Netanyahu is trying to confuse the international situation of rejecting affiliation and the world will not be fooled by such an offer," he said.

The newspaper said that Netanyahu, despite his open opposition, did not respond to a harsh punishment for Europe and that it would not seriously damage Israel's relations with the Arab world.

However, by limiting integration at the outset, he hopes to suggest that Israel is attentive to international criticism, said Israel Hume.

It has attributed its report to sources who have not met him, although he has been in contact with Netanyahu for the past few days. Netanyahu's office declined to comment.

Many countries consider Israeli settlements in occupied territory illegal. Israel rejected it.

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