Jennifer Lawrence tweeted Never sharing an anti-corruption brief

Jennifer Lawrence, who has been adamant on social media for years, has joined Twitter.

The Red Sparrow actress hit the stage in early June with Handel @JLawrence_RepUs. She shared her first tweet on June 16, calling on Attorney General Daniel Cameron to take "urgent action to arrest those responsible for [Breton Taylor's] death." "

The 29-year-old Lawrence wrote, "Three months after his assassination, the Bryo Taylor family, the people of Louisville, Americans around the country and many around the world have appealed for justice." "We must not allow black women to be exterminated in America. Many activists and leaders have been doing it for years: #NameName."

The actress sits on a delegation aimed at "bringing political conservatives, progressives and anti-corruption legislation together, stopping political bribery, eliminating secret money and fixing our broken elections."

Lawrence is currently working on a campaign called Unbreaking America: Solving the Corruption Crisis, which integrates with the Black Lives Matter movement. During the campaign, Lawrence, along with the public, explained the corruption in the current US government and advised others on how to make changes such as voting.

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