Kristen Stewart will be playing the role of Princess Diana in the new film Spencer

Kristen Stewart will be playing Diana, Prince of Wales, in a new play by Jackie's acclaimed Chilean director Pablo Laurin.

The film, titled Spencer, follows Diana over the weekend when her marriage to Prince Charles is not decided. The script for the film was written by Steven Knight, with credits ranging from Peaky Blinders to Eastern Promise. Spencer will be closed to buyers in the Virtual Year market this year, with production starting in early 2021.

"We've all grown up, at least I've done in my generation, to read and understand what a fairy tale is," Laurin told Deadline. "Usually, the prince comes and finds the princess, and he accepts her as his wife, and she eventually becomes the queen. She is a fairy tale.

There are also Larvin, Neruda, and The Club, which Stewart said was the right choice because of the combination of mystery and agility. “I think she’s going to do amazing and intriguing work at the same time,” he said. "He is a force of nature."

Jackie Onassis's phenomenal biopic Jackie Jackie received good reviews in 2016 and received an Oscar nomination for star Natalie Portman.

Since graduating from the Twilight franchise, Stewart has been acclaimed for smaller shoppers and smaller films like Sills Maria, while the box office has struggled with big projects like Charlie's Angels and Underwater. She next appears in the Christmas season comedy Happiest Season.

Diana's story first debuted in 2013 with Downfall director Oliver Hirschibel in the lead role alongside Naomi Watts. Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian called it a "car crash movie" and the Mirror's David Edwards wrote, "Wesley snaps in a gory wig."

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