McCain: We got a letter about Medellin's death

Madeleine McCann's parents say they received a letter from German authorities stating that Madeline had died.

In a statement by Kate and Jerry McCann, "unheard of stories" have "caused unnecessary concern for friends and family and have once again damaged our lives".

"It is widely reported that we received a letter from German authorities saying that the evidence or evidence that Medellin was dead was false," he wrote.

"As we have said many times before, we do not comment on the investigation - it is the work of law enforcement agencies and we support them in the manner we wish."

A German prosecutor wrote to McCann that he had "solid evidence" that Madeleine was dead.

Hans Christian told Wolters' parents that he had no doubt that his daughter had died, but he refused to say why.

He said the revelation of Mr. and Mrs. McCain's testimony would hamper their investigation into a German convict known as Christian B.

Madeline, who is still missing from her family holiday apartment in Portugal in May 2007, has yet to be questioned as to whether she is being jailed in Hamburg for rape and drug dealing.

Mr. Wolters said he had sent a letter to McCann in an interview with British newspaper journalists in Brooksweg, where he was leading the investigation.

The Daily Mail reported that the prosecutor said he had not even shared critical evidence with Scotland Yard and Portuguese police investigating the case.

He told the Mail: “It is clear to us that we are investigating a murder and we have evidence.

"We understand the pain of parents - and they seek relief - but it is good for them to see the case clear and successful."

In an interview with Sky News, parental Lisbon lawyer Rogerio Alves challenged the prosecutor to tell him everything he knew.

Christian B was once a laborer in southern Portugal for 12 years - and was renting a house outside Priya da Luz, where Madeleine was missing.

The night she disappeared from her family's vacation apartment, telephone data tracked her close to the area.

It is reported that Portuguese police are planning to search the well near the house where Christian Bee was rented.

Police forces in Britain, Portugal, and Germany are also appealing for information about the 43-year-old man.

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