Mysterious 'UFO' captures fantasies in Japan

This is not a matter of little green men, but a mysterious balloon-like object floating in the skies of northern Japan that have attracted national attention, even questioning the government.

An unidentified flying object first appeared on Wednesday morning on social media to post photos of people living in the northern Sendai city and advocating for them to see.

"This white thing is not moving at all. What is it? Can someone tell me?" One user wrote to others using the hashtag "Unknown Flying Object" in Japanese.

Officials were surprised to see the object, which was a close-up of pictures taken by local residents and the media, suggesting it was made of a balloon-like object with a propeller.

"The object is like a balloon to monitor the weather, but it's not ours," a Japanese weather agency Sendai Bureau official said Thursday.

Local police allege that the helicopter flew in to confirm the object, but after consulting with other authorities and agencies - it created a gap in his identity.

The aeronautics department of Kyushu University publicly denounced the device after the ulation rituals.

Shinichiro Higashino, an associate professor in the department, told Fuji TV that the close-up image suggested the object be fitted with solar panels.

"It is possible to conduct scientific observations or monitor anything".

The secret gained nationwide coverage and even asked a high-ranking representative in his daily briefing.

Yoshihide Suga said the government was aware of the covert issue, but suggested that it could be the work of foreign governments or be harmful.

The mystery has not been resolved - the object is now out of the Pacific, where authorities have lost track of it.

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