New Zealand earthquake: Thousands reported shook with 7.4 magnitude shore

The New Zealand 7.4 magnitude earthquake shook the country's coastline.

Thousands of Kiwis have experienced the earthquake, and some residents on the east coast of the country have been ordered to evacuate high-rise land in front.

At 7.4 on the Richter scale, this means that the earthquake is one of the strongest five stocks so far this year, but there are no reports of damage.

On Twitter, Kiwis was awakened by 'Komal' and described running slowly before 1 is.

Emergency officials monitoring the tsunami signs now say there is no danger and anyone evacuated can return home.

Geonet, who oversaw the New Zealand threats, described the vibration as 'weak'.

The earthquake occurred near the Kermadec Islands, 710 km north of Gisborne on the east coast of the North Island.

The National Emergency Management Authority has previously said that the earthquake is expected to cause a tsunami affecting New Zealand.

The residents were advised not to evacuate the east coast as there was no danger of a tsunami.

The authority tweeted: "We will provide an update once the initial evaluation is complete."

National broadcaster Radio New Zealand has previously reported that emergency residents are being advised to evacuate and move to high ground if they feel a 'long and strong' vibe for residents living on the east coast.

The National Security Body and the GNS have issued these orders as they assess the tsunami risk in New Zealand.

According to local time, the quake occurred around 12.49 pm on Friday afternoon.

It could be located in Gisborne, Matawai, Opotiki, Rutoria, Te Arova, Te Kaha, Tokomaru Bay, Tollaga Bay, Wakari / White Island, Whakatane and Wittyang on the east coast.

Thousands of earthquakes occur annually in New Zealand.

Its seismically active island is located in the Pacific 'Ring of Fire' with volcanoes and seismic hotspots.

Offshore earthquakes in the waters around the South Pacific regularly predict tsunami risk.

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