New Zealand ended the COVID-19 free run with two cases from Britain

New Zealand has recorded the first new cases of coronavirus in 24 days after two women from the UK were infected.

Health officials said the couple was initially released by government detention and allowed to move to the capital Wellington, about 650 kilometers from the city of Auckland.

The exclusion of his visit was approved from the time when new arrivals in the country were compelled to visit the dying parents. On Tuesday, New Zealand director-general Ashley Bloomfield said women "did everything right" and did not endanger other members of the public.

After two women tested positive for Covid-19 on Monday, one reported that she was experiencing symptoms in the blind, but they attributed it to a pre-existing medical condition.

The pair have been diagnosed with Covid-19's first new cases from New Zealand in more than three weeks and were diagnosed a week after the last known case in the country.

The discovery of new cases comes a week after all domestic sanctions on the country were lifted when Bloomfield warned that more cases of the virus would inevitably come when infected people crossed the border.

Bloomfield said the second woman in her 30s and 40s arrived in Auckland on a flight from Britain to Brisbane, Australia on June 7. All new arrivals to the country - New Zealanders, their families and only the necessary workers are currently allowed to cross the border - have to spend two weeks alone in a hotel.

Six days after the women arrived, Bloomfield said he had traveled from Auckland to Wellington "in a private vehicle" and had since then made a safety plan with the authorities. He was not tested for Kovid-19 at the time.

The couple disconnected their vehicle for about eight hours without stopping or using a public toilet.

"He never made contact with anyone on that trip," Bloomfield said.

He said he was "not afraid" of women being infected by someone else, and that he now lives in self-isolation with a relative in Wellington. The government is allowed to leave the solitary hotels on compassionate grounds to mourn with his family - but not to attend the funeral.

Everyone involved in the women's Air New Zealand flight, cruise, and crew at the Novotel Ellerslie Hotel in Auckland - where they were originally detained - will be examined and separated.

Bloomfield defended the policy of issuing compassionate waivers for newcomers to a two-week detention clause, however, saying that in the future, a negative test for Covid-19 would be required, before leaving the lonely.

"Women did everything they asked," he said, and it is not surprising that cases of the virus have moved from Britain to New Zealand, where "active infection" continues.

"We don't have to be complacent, we have to be careful," Bloomfield said. "There is an epidemic outside our shores."

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has received less than 1,500 cases of Kovid-19 and 22 deaths following a national and lockdown.

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