Nicaragua's famous guerrilla, Aiden Pasta, dies at the age of 83

MANAGUA  Nicaragua's popular leftist guerrilla Eden Pastora, known as 'Commander Zero', died Tuesday at his 83rd respiratory arrest, his son said.

Pastora was one of the Sandinista guerrilla commanders in the overthrow of dictator Anastasio Somoza in 1979, and an ally of former Sandinista guerrilla leader and current president Daniel Organa.

Hospital spokesmen said Pandora was admitted to a military hospital in the capital, Managua, for treatment of respiratory problems 10 days ago.

His son, Alvaro Pastora, one of his many children, confirmed to Reuters that his father died of respiratory arrest. He declined to comment on whether his father was infected with a rapidly spreading coronavirus in Nicaragua.

Former Commander's Courage In 1978, he led a group of Sandinista troops seeking to take over the National Palace and release the guerrillas from prison. The robbery helped bring Ortega, a fellow coup in his second term as president, next year.

But shortly afterward, Pastora claimed that he had lost faith in the Sandinista government and lost the spirit of revolution.

He fled to Costa Rica and from there carried on arms for eight years against his former associates. Returning to Nicaragua, he failed to run for mayor, led right-wing parties, and in 2006 failed to run for president.

When Ortega took office in 2007, the couple reconciled. After massive protests against the Ortega administration in 2018, Pasta met with ex-left guerrillas around the country and asked them to support the present.

"Daniel is not alone. We are old-timers, walking shoulder to shoulder with our people," Pasta said.

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