Pakistan captures 2 employees of the Indian Embassy

ISLAMABAD (AP) - Pakistani police recently detained two employees of the Indian embassy in the capital, Islamabad, and wounded their car with vision, a foreign ministry spokesman said.

Isha Farooqi said in a statement that the two men tried to flee but they stopped the onlookers and informed the police. They reached the scene of the incident and took the two men into custody.

Earlier, Islamabad police said that the two employees of the Indian High Commission in Pakistan had no diplomatic status, which would protect them from arrest and prosecution. Two Indian nationals were released on Monday.

NEW DELHI: Pakistani security agencies in New Delhi have called on a Pakistani diplomat to protest the kidnapping and torture of two men, the Indian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Tuesday. In illegal custody for more than 10 hours. "

The two men were "video-grafted and had to accept fictitious allegations and lawsuits," India said. Urged Pakistan to adhere to diplomatic standards.

Farooqi dismissed the Indian accusations as "irresponsible". He said two Indian embassy personnel were involved in the "hit-and-run" incident and had fake currency.

Farooqi identified the two men as Dimimu Brahma and Selvadas Pal and stated that they were going fast as they were walking. The injured pedestrian was taken to Islamabad Hospital on Tuesday.

He added that the two were handed over to the Indian diplomat after confirming their identity.

Pakistan and neighboring India routinely exonerate one another's diplomats on goon charity charges. India expelled two Pakistani embassy officials in June after they were detained on charges of goon scam.

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