PCB asked to re-start local cricket

KARACHI: Former Test cricketer Jalaluddin has appealed to the PCB to stop all domestic and ground cricket as soon as possible due to strict enforcement of all preventive measures.

Speaking to 'The News', the club, school, district, junior age group - all levels of cricket were suspended for six months last year due to PCB policies.

He said the PCB should take bold steps to develop new talent and organize cricket at the grassroots level. He said that cricket is a game where players rarely interact with one another and therefore play with some care.

Meanwhile, PCB chief executive Wasim Khan has welcomed his statement that former players, scorers, match officials, and ground staff will donate Rs 1 crore 50 lakhs from his personal account for the next three months. Will is in financial trouble due to reception. Epidemic.

Jason said Wasim's work helps regional stakeholders of the game. He said that he hoped other PCB bosses would follow the footsteps of Wasim and help the poor people of the cricket fraternity.

Jalal said the ball is not a big problem for fast bowlers to swing. He suggested that any liquid or gel could be used to shine the ball after the ICC is approved. He said that using saliva to splash the ball at fast and medium speeds is an old practice, but its alternative is easily found.

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