PM to welcome Macron to the anniversary of the resistance

Four French resistance fighters will be awarded honorary MBEs for their role in World War II, as Boris Johnson welcomes Emmanuel Macron to Downing Street.

The French president is visiting London on Thursday to celebrate the BBC's 80th anniversary of French occupation warlord Charles de Gaulle following the 1940 Nazi invasion.

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall also meet Mr. Macron.

Mr. Johnson paid tribute to the warriors' "courage and sacrifice."

Edgard Tuppet-Thom, 100, Daniel Beauj-Cordier, 99, Hubert Germain, 99, and Pierre Simnett, 98 - are members of the Order of Liberation, an honor bestowed on France. In the establishment of France in the Free.

His MBE will be on display in France in the coming months.

In Downing Street, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Macron look at artifacts and letters from the time of General de Gaulle in London, and their partnership with Britain's Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill.

After the fall of France, General de Gaulle delivered a speech from London on 18 June 1940. Called "Appeal" or Appeal, it is the country that shouts in support of the resistance.

The Prime Minister and the President will also discuss the epidemic and other issues, and Mr. Johnson said the meeting will take place between the UK and France.

Mr. Macron was excluded from the UK's 14-day detention requirements as a "representative of a foreign country on trade".

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