Prince Charles has revealed that he has experienced coronavirus symptoms

The Prince of Wales has revealed that he lost his sense of smell and taste as he spoke of his personal experience of contracting a coronavirus during his wife Camilla's first engagement on lockdown.

 The royal couple met with the staff of the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital's many trusts during a socially distant visit on Tuesday.

The 71-year-old Prince spoke to 47-year-old Jeff Mills, a health assistant at Cheltenham General Hospital, who contracted Covid-19 in March after developing mild symptoms. Mr. Mills said: "He talked about his personal experience, so this was his first experience. He also talked about the loss of smell and taste, and he felt he was getting it."

After the visit, Charles paid tribute to the veteran activists: “It was a wonderful opportunity to see people I know - literally on the front line.

"And their wonderful way of coping with a lot of stress and tension - I don't know how they do it. But they deliver everything in the most effective way."

In an interview with ETV, Charles and Camilla were asked if they could see a family member following the lockout actions in Britain. The Duchess expressed her joy at reuniting with her grandson: "For the first time last weekend, don't hug them, but look at them. It's a great treat."

Camilla has five grandchildren since her first marriage to Andrew Parker Bowles. Camilla married Andrew in 1973 and has two children, Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Lopez. Laura has three children, Elijah and twins Gus and Louise, while Tom has two children, Lola and Freddie.

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall have been separated from their Scottish residences since March but will return to London to meet President Emmanuel Macron at Clarence House on Thursday.

Charles was infected with coronavirus in March and suffered from mild symptoms. He was separated for seven days and his wife Camilla, who had not tested positive for the virus, isolated herself for 14 days under medical advice.

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