Putin urged the Russians to vote for security and prosperity

President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday called for a nationwide vote on constitutional reforms to ensure “stability, security, and prosperity”.

In a televised speech before the end of the week-long voting Wednesday, Putin said that the Russians should vote for the country "we want to give to our children," but did not mention the controversial amendment, which could see them. Energy. 2036.

The Russians began voting last week on a package of constitutional changes proposed by Putin last year, including a reset of the presidential limits, allowing them to re-run their current six-year term in 2024.

Other amendments will strengthen presidential and parliamentary powers, establish traditional values, including effective sanctions on same-sex marriage, and guarantee decent minimum wages and pensions.

"We are voting for a country that is accountable to society with an effective government, modern education, and health care, and reliable social security of its citizens," Putin said.

"We vote for the country ... we want to pass on our children and granddaughters."

Parliament has already approved the amendments, but Putin reiterates that most voters will only be effective if they support them.

"We can only judge by ourselves and by ourselves, through sustainability, security, well-being, and good life development," he said.

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