Romanian people protest the ban on the study of gender identity

Bucharest Hundreds of people protested Thursday under a Romanian presidential palace against a proposed ban on a study of gender identity that they say violates human rights and energy discrimination.

The Romanian parliament passed the ban this week without public debate to allow religious and conservative groups to adopt similar policies on the gender of neighboring Hungary and Poland.

Romania is one of the only European Union bans on marriage and civil partnership for same-sex couples.

Union President Klaus Iohanis suggested Thursday that the ban on reintroducing fines of up to $ 50,000 (the US $ 11,578) to parliament to teach gender identity would be passed.

About 150 people wearing masks and trying to follow the rules of social equilibrium outside their doors on Thursday urged the president to do so.

"I don't want to promote stereotypical gender roles anymore," 26-year-old Andra told Reuters.

Opposition Senator Wasil Christian Lungu, one of the people behind the ban, told Reuters that gender identity is an "academic lie."

“This bill wants to remove us from the public space,” said Luke, a 24-year-old LGBTI activist. "We have to show that we exist and that we cannot eliminate ..."

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