Some Trump allies are pushing the campaign to renew the presidential reunification bid

President Trump and his campaign team are struggling to figure out how to revive their disgruntled reunification effort during the vote, leading to the finding that presidential nominee Democratic nominee Joe Biden is lagging behind and that major constituencies are also facing defeat.

Some of Trump's advisers and friends are privately seeking a change in the campaign, including trying to move a key employee and persuading the president to be more disciplined in his message and behavior.

But so far, the campaign has only relied on incremental changes - such as hiring and increasing the few operators who have worked for Trump's victory in 2016 - and have yet to compromise on the clear message of his reunification. Campaign officials and other advisers are still trying to figure out how to best concentrate their attacks on Biden, who has so far been infamous and failed to stop his ascent among voters.

Trump himself, his team, has derailed virtually every day - a growing coronavirus pandemic amid growing economic chaos, racist rhetoric, and growing shootings and protests over the center of police brutality.

Trump has been shown to lose a significant number of national elections with seniors and white voters with and without a four-year college degree.

He also slid among white evangelical voters. According to new surveys by the New York Times / Siena College, Trump is a little behind Biden in the six states he won in 2016 and is significant in his reunification path, including Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Edward J. Cohen, co-chairman of the pro-Trump super PAC Great America and former campaign manager of Ronald Reagan's 1984 campaign. Rollins said, “You can’t win with these numbers.

"The president should straighten out his campaign and tell the American people that he can move forward," Rollins said. "He needs to go out and add 10 points very quickly." If he can do that, he wins. If not, Biden alternately sits there. "

Trump's advisers and allies have been frustrated with the president's inflammatory and divisive behavior and comments in recent weeks, and have been disappointed with the election, as his internal surveys show that Biden lost some. The president was also involved in the blaze for the June 20 rally in Tulsa, which failed to attract crowds as the campaign withdrew its coronavirus distance guidelines.

But many Trump aides are deeply skeptical of public voting - pointing to the 2016 election in key states that have underestimated Trump's support - and that public voting and sharing with the president is open. Less intense than surveys. Multiple campaigns and Republican officials have also said they see no serious cuts in Trump's political base.

"Over the past four months, presidential support among Republican voters has been steady between 90 and 94 percent," said campaign chief pollster Tony Fabrizio, referring to the campaign's major election. "According to our most recent poll, it's 94 percent."

Fabrizio said any cuts would come from independent voters and would always be back and forth between the two candidates.

In the most recent four national open elections, 87 percent of Trump's endorsements and 91 percent of Republicans appear.

Many White House and campaign officials have said they have chosen advisers on whether to make changes to the Trump campaign and are in talks on how to improve the president's political situation.

Responding to the rebellion through controversial comments and tweets, Trump emphasized his stance and base orientation in an effort to mobilize his main supporters.

The latest example came Sunday when Trump retweeted a video featuring a supporter declaring "white power" in response to a defendant and calling his supporters in the Florida retirement community where the show "great people." Trump later deleted the tweet, and a White House spokeswoman said he did not hear the president shouting "White Power."

He twice mentions the deadly coronavirus that originated in China, which is etymologically "Kung flu." In an interview Monday with Christian Broadcasting Network, he accused former President Barack Obama of "treason." He denounced the racial justice protesters who took to the streets after the murder of George Floyd in police custody - in an interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity while promising "thugs" and "terrorists" Thursday night.

Meanwhile, the counselor became frustrated with his tendency to portray himself as a victim and urged him to stop displaying self-pity in public.

According to a man close to Trump, "If the elections were held today, we would be in big trouble," and, like others, publicly shared an assessment of the state of anonymity. "Thankfully, it's not."

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) warned on Sunday's ABC News's "This Week" that if Trump "changes the essence of what he is discussing and the way he approaches the American public, he will lose." "

The trend is clear, ”Christie said. "When Joe Biden doesn't say a word, the trend is moving towards Joe Biden." Joe hides in Biden's basement and says nothing. No disrespect to the vice president - if you live without doing anything, why not do something. "

The essential task for Trump and his team is to find a way to define Biden negatively - turning the election into a two-man election, rather than a referendum on the president.

Trump recently asked advisers whether he should stick to his current nickname - Biden - "Sleepy Joe" or try to create another moniker like "Sweepy Joe" or "Creepy Joe". The president does not believe that "Sleepy Joe" is particularly vulnerable, and some of his advisers agree and urge him to stop using the nickname. Trump attempted another version in a tweet Sunday: "Corrupt Joe."

Some advisers worry that the campaign's attacks on Biden's mental acumen will alienate older voters, and they have also accidentally set a low bar for Biden's performance.

The Trump team has deployed the hashtag #HidenBiden, which Biden intends to hold for a regular press conference for nearly three months and compels him to more public appearances. In addition, Trump plans to employ theme casting as a builder - a former real estate developer who created jobs and a strong economy before the Coronavirus pandemic and went ahead with the construction of a new wall on the southern border.

"I think when it comes to binary selection, and they look at Biden, the obvious question is, how can you be a change agent and candidate in Washington for 50 years?" Said Republican National Committee President Rona McDaniel.

The Trump team initially ran many campaigns around a strong economy, but now emphasizes the theme of "restoration, re-establishment, and rebuilding", leading to Trump's expectation that the country will grow in economic prosperity.

The campaign has undergone a series of staffing changes in recent weeks, with the aim of repairing the ship, which has a good relationship with Trump, along with former senior adviser Jason Miller for the 2016 campaign.

Trump's campaign manager Brad Parscale has denied the legitimacy of public voting and blamed the media for the president's hardship. “We know that we are in a solid position in all of our major states, and the fake, narrative-setting media election will never change that,” Parsley said in an email.

Biden insulted Trump for the first time in May, but the Trump campaign grabbed Biden by $ 265 million, according to a White House senior official.

The White House and campaign advisers serve as the states they need to win in Wisconsin, Arizona, Florida, and North Carolina - and they say Ohio is doing well and Michigan and Pennsylvania are tough this time. In a clear sign of concern, the campaign has purchased advertising time in the GOP's stronghold in Georgia.

His hard-messaging message from some of the president's advisers shows that he has been plagued by the backlash from the state in recent weeks. He urged them to adopt a general election strategy that would appeal to a broad range of voters, rather than the basic strategy of completing their already active base, a man familiar with the incentive said.

The two people who spoke to Trump this week argue that groups that dismantle monuments and statues will ultimately benefit him politically, and people are applauding his stern attitude and message of "peace." The president said his political advisers were more enthusiastic about Biden than he was and that he did not believe in the election, adding "10 points" to his numbers.

"It's hyper-focused to play on a campaign basis - I think it's a mistake," said Conservative Newsmax Media chief executive and longtime Trump loyalist Chris Rudy. “Politics is addition, not subtraction. In this environment, the president still has to do a lot of plus-plus signs with every group he can. "

Many of the two parties that have had many crises with Trump may not be able to do as their standard playbook did in 2016.

Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland said, "In traditional places like Ohio, you're really surprised by what Trump is selling." NASCAR bans the Confederate flag in races. Military leaders are speaking out against him. When the NFL starts back up, you see a lot of people kneeling. This is not the country in 2016. "

Speaking Thursday in Pennsylvania, Biden similarly dug into Trump's inaction and said the president was handling coronavirus "like a child who doesn't believe it happened to him."

"Their sparkle and self-pity," said Biden. "This epidemic has not happened to him. It has happened to all of us. And his job is not to make him aware of it. His job is to do something about it and lead it."

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