The latest: Beijing says China is spreading under control

China's public health expert said the outbreak of coronavirus in Beijing is under control and that the number of new cases will decrease in the coming days.

BEIJING - China's public health expert said the spread of coronavirus in Beijing is under control and that new cases will be reduced in the coming days.

Wu Xunyu of the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention told a news conference Thursday that such outbreaks are inevitable, but larger than expected because they occur in a major market.

Officials confirmed 158 cases in Beijing last week. Otherwise, all are connected to the city's largest wholesale food market, which serves thousands. Wu said the first people working in the seafood section were infected with more than the meat and vegetable section.

The Notice from the Customs Administration stated that coronavirus tests were negative for food imports occurring nationwide following the market penetration.

A bus service between Beijing and other provinces will begin on Friday to curb the spread of the spread, a City Transport spokesman said at a news conference.


What do you know about courage:

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