The South Integration Minister resigned as Korean tensions escalated

Seoul, South Korea  South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Friday acknowledged his point man's resignation over North Korea, demanding the destruction of a liaison office under pressure from Seoul against nuclear pressure. With the Trump administration.

It is not immediately clear who is considering Moon to replace Kim. Between Washington and Pyongyang, the mediator in the nuclear negotiations and North-Seoul's endangered role, Moon has called for a correction of his foreign policy and national security personnel, disagreeing with sanctions relief and disarmament but mistaken.

In June, the diplomatic effort by the Moon government to stop a nuclear standoff with North Korea, with its ambassadors between Pyongyang and Washington, helped establish a first meeting between North leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump in Singapore. Exalted achievement. 2018

But South Korean officials have been very optimistic about the signs they have seen from Pyongyang, and once made it clear that they are not likely to voluntarily remove the noses they saw as a strong guarantee of Kim's survival

The North Whitehorse has also lifted a wave of Pyongyang foliage-defying activists across the border, refuting Kim's nuclear ambitions and human rights record, in a move that is swept south this month.

The North, which is sensitive to any criticism of its leadership, has mobilized mass demonstrations over the past week in what the state media has described as "human scum." The military has announced plans to support North Korean civilians by flying South-South Korean propaganda planes to areas near the land and sea border, which experts say could pose a security risk to the South.

Two North Korean-born brothers threatened to sue two North Korean-born brothers who had left handfuls of leaflets and bottles of rice on the border to stop desperate southern activists from escaping tension. North. By the sea.

Both Park Song-hok and Park Jong-oh have maintained that they will continue their campaign despite warnings and that Seoul has warned them of North Korean threats.

"The (South Korean) government coordinates with the police and local authority to strengthen on-site response and security," said Cho Hai-siol, a spokesman for the unified ministry.

However, Seoul has occasionally sent police officers to prevent departure at sensitive times, having previously opposed North Korea's call for a complete ban, saying they want the freedom of expression.

Experts say defective operations could serve as an excuse to increase pressure on the South in the north as it seeks to promote internal unity and divert public attention from diplomatic failures, and to prevent an underperforming economy where COVID-19 is perhaps worse. Epidemic.

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