The Trump fight stops the memory when he calls the presidency ‘not fit’

The Trump administration is due to go to court Friday in an attempt to block the publication of John Bolton's memoir as National Security Adviser, based on classified material.

Lawyer attorneys in Washington district court must face a tough fight because summaries have appeared in magazines, as thousands of copies of The Room Wear Happ and have already been sent to booksellers for publication on Tuesday, and Donald Trump has "slammed" Bolton "seldom" on Twitter.

Trump's description of Bolton's book as a work of fiction "makes it difficult for the government to prove in court that the disclosure of the manuscript would jeopardize the national security of the United States."

Meanwhile, Bolton continues to put pressure on his former employer, explaining that Trump is "fit for office" and "not capable of doing that."

He made the comment in an interview with ABC News, a full version of which will be broadcast on Sunday. In a summary of Thursday's demonstration that Trump was a "surprisingly unknown" person, Bolton said ignorance could easily be replaced by foreign opponents.

"He's focused on re-election. Long-term ideas have been sidelined," Bolton said. "There really is no guiding principle I can understand other than the good of Donald Trump's re-election."

Bolton attended presidential meetings with Russia's Vladimir Putin, China's Xi Jinping and North Korea's Kim Jong-Un before Trump resigned from the White House as a longtime national security adviser.

According to Bolton, the collective persecution of Muslim Uyghurs is "absolutely the right thing to do," Trump told Xi last year and appealed to the Chinese president to buy more American farm products because it would help reelection.

Asked about Trump's three summits with Kim, Bolton told ABC News: "There is considerable emphasis on photo opportunity and the press response to it, and such meetings have been overlooked. That's what the United States has bargained for."

According to an advance copy seen by ABC, "I am sicker and sicker of Trump's eagerness to meet with Kim Jong-un."

Bolton said it was difficult to find any significant decisions that were not triggered by Trump's re-election count during his tenure.

Trump fired Bolton on Twitter, meaning he failed to diplomatically engage with North Korea when he appeared on television in 2018, so the US could follow the "Libyan model" to disarm North Korea.

Muammar Gaddafi surrendered his embryonic nuclear program in 2003 in order to maintain good relations with Western countries, but this did not save him from being overthrown and killed in the 2011 Arab Spring coup.

Trump said after the Bolton interview that "hell is all over." Kim Jong-un, whom we met very well, went ballistic, like his missiles - and rightly so. ''

Trump continued on Twitter: "Bolton didn't want him anywhere. Bolton's very polite statements pushed us so badly with North Korea, even now. I asked him, 'What are you thinking?'

"Don't answer him and apologize. It's over. I should have just thrown him away!"

Many North Korean experts see Bolton's "Libyan model" intervention as a deliberate attempt to hit Trump's summit with Kim, but almost everyone agrees that Trump's efforts have failed because of abandoning Kim's nuclear weapons.

On many foreign policy issues, the "turning point" in the Ultra-Hawks Bolton decision to leave the Trump administration in his book is the last-minute decision taken by the president to stop airstrikes on Iran in June last year.

In angry tweets dedicated to Bolton, Trump said his book was a collection of lies and fables, all of which made him look bad.

He said, "The most ridiculous statements I've ever made are not pure fiction. Even the sickest puppy is trying to fire him!"

In the room where this happened, there are many stories of Trump being ignorant about the world. According to Bolton, the president does not know that Britain has nuclear weapons.

He recalled a meeting with then-Prime Minister Theresa May in 2018, in which a British official described the UK as "nuclear power".

According to a book summary of the Washington Post, "Oh, are you nuclear?"

A former US official confirmed the account and described a similar conversation in June 2019 with Trump's visit to Britain in May 2019.

The former official told the Guardian, "They reported that the number 1 existential threat is still nuclear weapons, climate change or other issues that all these people are raising."

When May asked how this would affect Britain's uprising, Trump avoided the question.

"In his view, it's about the US and Russia," the official said. "It's not really a factor in other countries."

Democrats have prompted Bolton to fail in the prosecution, alleging that he withdrew evidence of presidential misconduct to boost his book sales. They are considering a by-law to force Bolton to swear before Congress to make their claim about Trump.

Joe Biden, Trump's opponent for the White House in the November presidential election, accused Trump of "morally abhorrent" the move.

On Wednesday night, Biden said, "If these accounts are true, it is not only morally unpleasant but protecting American interests and protecting our values ​​is a violation of Donald Trump's sacred duty to the American people.". "

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