The Ukrainian court considered the fate of former leader Poroshenko

Former Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko eased his political pressure on Thursday as he appeared in court in a hurry of developments that are raising new concerns from the West.

Ukrainian authorities are conducting dozens of criminal investigations in which they suspect the 54-year-old former leader was involved.

In a new development last week, the State Bureau of Investigation said that Poroshenko "persuaded an officer ... that he had" explicitly issued criminal orders ... exceeding his authority. " "

Investigators did not provide further details but Poroshenko said the case was related to the 2018 appointment of Deputy Chief of Foreign Intelligence Service.

The current case is the first case in which Poroshenko has been formally accused.

He denied any wrongdoing.

On Thursday, hundreds of Poroshenko supporters gathered outside Kyiv's Piekarski district court, many chanting his name.

Poroshenko - now a judge - addressed his party members, including his supporters, overcoming pressure to be "useless ... public hostility."

Prosecutors have extensively sought the arrest of Poroshenko but instead called for restraint and pre-trial sanctions that prevent the former leader from leaving the country during the investigation.

In April 2019, Poroshenko was promoted by Vladimir Zelinsky in the presidential election, which was not yet another political experience.

Zelinsky promised to eradicate corruption and investigate officials from the previous administration.

During his presidency, Poroshenko placed the former Soviet country close to the West, but critics accused him of failing to deal with corruption and widespread poverty.

He is now a senior MP in the Jelinsky ruling party-dominated parliament.

Western authorities have expressed concern over the case.

The US Embassy in Ukraine said in a statement on Facebook, "All citizens in a democracy are entitled to be treated fairly and equitably according to law."

"The justice system should not be used to dispose of political scores."

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