The wife of the President of Ukraine was hospitalized with moderate COVID-19

KYIV, June 16 The wife of Ukrainian President Olenna Zelenska has been hospitalized after being infected with a coronavirus, and her condition remains stable, the presidential office said Tuesday.

Zelenka said last week that she tested positive for coronavirus and that her husband, Volodymyr Zelenski, and her two children were tested negative. The President also canceled all meetings and visits.

"Olena Zalenska's Current Diagnosis COVID-19 - Bilateral polyspectral pneumonia of moderate severity does not require oxygen donation. The condition is stable," the office said in a statement.

Olena claims to be alone and under medical supervision. New tests of the president and children are negative.

Ukraine went into lockdown in March without the large-scale outbreak of coronavirus. At the end of May, the government began relaxing sanctions, allowing restaurants, gyms and public transport. From June 15, the country has begun flying flights back to the country.

However, in recent times Ukraine has seen a significant increase in coronavirus cases, which is the reason for the government to ignore the citizens of medical measures to prevent infection.

"We are all confusing the reduction of restrictive measures with the complete removal of all sanctions in the country," Health Minister Maxim Stepanov said at a televised conference on Tuesday.

As of June 16, there were 32,476 coronavirus cases in Ukraine, of which 912 died.

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