Trudeau's long campaign to join the United Nations Security Council was cast as an Ambassador vote

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's long campaign to elect Canada to a temporary seat on the United Nations Security Council has ended in New York on Wednesday, with ambassadors of member states preparing to vote.

Trudeau, who has been confined to his country for the past three months, has so far defeated more than 40 national leaders - from Senegal to Spain, from Uganda to Ukraine - in an attempt to clinch one of the other two seats. Communicated with more than national leaders.

Yesterday, Trudeau spoke to the prime ministers of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the presidents of India, Pakistan, Spain, Ethiopia and Angola, and Mexico. Last week, he spoke with the President of Saint Kitts and Nevis, Fiji, Northern Macedonia, and Rwanda and Panama.

"In the last number or months, whether it's on COVID, whether it's on development and economic reform, on climate change, on everything from peacekeeping to women's security, we're moving forward," Trudeau told reporters Tuesday.

"Whatever the campaign, we're more engaged and we're getting more engaged on the global stage."

Canada's success depends on what Norway and Ireland can bring to the table. As one expert points out, countries place such a profile on a global platform that challenges discrimination.

Richard Gowan, who oversees the International Crisis Group, said: "There are a lot of differences, but these three are peas if you want them. They are countries with a long history with the support of the United Nations." Advocacy work in the United Nations.

Some of those differences include both Norway and Canada, who are members of Nato, not Ireland. Canada has a close and supportive relationship with Israel.

'We Will See You as a Family'
Deputy Prime Minister Christiaan Freeland said Canada's tone is more important than ever in the world, especially as it stands for "international danger" based on rules and regulations.

"Some of the principles and ideas that Canada represents are essential in the world today: feminism, speaking for diversity, speaking up for human rights, speaking for the environment; these are central values ​​for our government and for them.

Barbados Prime Minister Mia Motley said Canada had worked hard to get votes for her country.

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"As a nation, we have made a very clear decision that we will support your country," she said Tuesday on CBC's Power and Politics. "We see you as a family."

Motley said he had personally written to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank asking Trudeau to help his global region and to rethink those institutions that have helped middle-income countries recover from the epidemic. Provides relevant financial assistance.

What Canada brings to the table, the values ​​it represents, and the problems presented to the Security Council, are not always factors for countries when it comes to whom to support. Sometimes the idea behind the vote is too superficial.

"Of the 190 states in the organization, 60 states only vote on the priority of their ambassadors in New York, and those ambassadors often vote for three candidates, who don't know the truth," said Govan.

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