Trump said the 'most inappropriate' book written by John Bolton would lead to accusations

WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump on Monday called his one-time National Security Advisor John Bolton an upcoming book "very inappropriate" and said it would be a "criminal problem" when the book was published.

The president, who said he had not read the memo, told reporters in the cabinet room, "If he writes a book, I cannot imagine he can do it because it is very classified information."

President Bolton faces "criminal liability" if he writes a book and leaves the book, he violates the law and thinks he has a criminal problem.

"They will be in court soon," Trump said, confirming the report that his administration is suing the court for a ban on publication.

Trump said it was the job of Attorney General William Barr to issue the allegation and that Bolton would violate federal law if the book was published in its current form.

Bolton's book, "The Room When It Happens: A White House Memoir," provides other examples of international misconduct beyond the Trump campaign on Ukraine as the basis for last year's presidential impeachment. It is going on sale next week.

The book's publication has been delayed for several months due to a classification review process led by the White House National Security Council.

Brar spoke to reporters Monday, saying the Justice Department believes Bolton has not completed the approval process and has failed in the "required removal of classified information."

Administrative authorities may publish books that are generally accessible to sensitive authorities before signing non-disclosure agreements.

“We do not believe Bolton went through that process - that process was not completed - and that breach of contract,” Barr said.

Bolton's attorney, Chuck Cooper, said his client worked with taxonomists at the NSC to avoid disclosing classified material.

Bolton, a national security adviser from April 2018 to September, was the central figure in the Trump Senate indictment hearing earlier this year, after the House decided to pursue two charges against the Senate: abuse of power and Congress.

Democrats pushed Bolton to testify before the Senate but ultimately lost the effort when Trump acquitted himself without calling new witnesses.

A manuscript leaked from Bolton's book during the Senate impeachment hearing, and the president insisted on delaying aid to Ukraine, not to mention corruption, the report said.

In a statement by Simon & Schuster, who publishes Bolton's book, the novel describes how a president is consumed after winning a second term.

According to the publisher, Bolton wrote in the book, "I had to work very hard to figure out any important decisions of Trump during my tenure."

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