Venezuela calls ambassador in response to EU removal order

Brussels  The European Union's top diplomat on Tuesday said the alliance is calling on the Venezuelan ambassador to decide to deport the EU ambassador to the South American country of Caracas. He emphasized that all options are "on the table."

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Monday ordered the European Union ambassador to leave the country in the face of tough economic measures imposed by 27 countries against Venezuela, including 11 from Venezuela, led by opposition leader Juan Goodo, in the National Assembly. The head of Maduro gave the ambassador 72 hours to leave Venezuela.

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borre said: "We believe that the decision to give the ambassador 72 days to leave the country in the Caracas will be necessary, but I will not define it as a news conference." Call Nicolas Maduro Ambassador to European Union Organizations Today. Let’s look at this meeting later. At the moment, all the options are on the table. "

Among the measures imposed by the European Union are the number 36 Venezuelan authorities under European sanctions, including travel restrictions and free property. European Union officials said in a statement that the restrictions would target individuals and generally do not affect the population.

Venezuela was once a prosperous oil country, facing economic and political turmoil that drove some 5 million people between the country's basic commodities, inflation, and dilapidated hospitals.

While the United States pushed Maduro out of the embargo, leaders in Europe and Canada have lent their support to a coalition of 60 countries behind Guado. However, Maduro has control over military and international support from allies, including China, Russia, Iran and Cuba.

“We believe that by any measure, diplomatic actions only contribute to heightening tensions and exiting the crisis in a peaceful and political way,” Burrell said. Try to solve the political problem in Venezuela, which is why we regret this move. "

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