7-Eleven Debut $ 1 Hot Dog for National Hot Dog Day

The trader will be able to offer hot 1 hot dog deal with 7 Rewards Loyalty Program on July 22, 2020

Like Big Foot and Space Aliens, many people have long questioned whether National Hot Dog Day is real or just a myth. Truth or Fantasy ... 7-Eleven will present 7-Eleven on this topic on July 22, 2020, through the 7 Rewards Loyalty Program in the 7-Eleven app, providing America's most coveted and respected quarter-pound Big Byte hotdog. Stand.

Robin Murphy, 7-Eleven Senior Director of Fresh Food, said, "Since 1927, we have been committed to providing our customers with the comfort and convenience they need - giving them special treats along the way". “Every year we look for opportunities to offer our favorite customers their favorite snacks, drinks, and food. This is how we saw National Hot Dog Day. We know our customers love the Big Bite hot dog and the good deal, so it makes sense that we go big to celebrate this real holiday with our customers. "

Quarter 1 Quarter-pound Big Bite Hot Dog is offered throughout the day in participating stores across the country, the final supply. And, obviously, the Hot Dogs celebration would not be complete without 7-Eleven's free spices. Customers can enhance their dream dog with hot peppers, melted cheese, onions, sweet treats, tomatoes, les berries, mayo, sauerkraut, jalapenos, salsa, pico de gallo, catsup and mustard - now this freedom of expression. Sensations vary by place.

Over 35 million 7 Reward members have the ability to cash in on the best deals, earn power and points on purchases and benefit from personalized discount rates and interactive functions. The 7-Eleven app is available for download on smartphones via the Apple App Shop or Google Play.

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