'Absolutely Special': Liverpool Lift Premier League Trophy

'Absolutely Special': Liverpool Lift Premier League Trophy

Liverpool lifted the Premier League trophy for the first time after a thrilling 5–3 victory over Chelsea at a special event in Copa Am s amid fireworks.

Liverpool veteran Sir Kenny Dalglish handed over the silverware to Champions captain Jordan Henderson as the Reds celebrated their first English title in style in 30 years, even though no fans were in the stadium.

Sky Sports Get Liverpool 5-3 Chelsea - Match Report and Highlight Day Premier League games on Sky Sports

When Chelsea beat second-placed Manchester City on 25 June, Liverpool won the title by seven games, but eventually got their hands on Silverware to win their last home league game of the season. Had to wait for the end.

The Reds kicked the party with a remarkable victory in favor of Frank Lampard to stay unbeaten at Anfield this season and watch 59 home league games unbeaten.

After the match, Dalglish, the last Liverpool manager to become champion in 1989/90, signed Henderson from Sunderland to Liverpool in his second spell in 2011, awarding the trophy to the injured captain.

"It's great to walk there," Henderson told Sky Sports. "The boys deserve their moment. Thankfully the family is watching there. It's a very big thing for us.

With no supporters due to the coronavirus ban, Liverpool set up a stage for the show at their prestigious stand, where fans gathered outside Anfield to celebrate.

James Milner, the only player to win for Liverpool before and after the match against Chelsea, reflects on a memorable night for Reds boss Jurgen Klopp for the club.

"Special. Definitely special. We don't need to compare because we've never done that before," German said.

"We all know it would have been different. It could have been worse, for example, if we had never won the game.

"The boys gave us the opportunity to have a really special night. Before a lot of people fought for one team's Champions League before the game, I thought the other team was probably already on the beach.

"However these guys are very special. I can not be more proud. Throwing a show like this on the pitch tonight ... it's an open game but a good, good goal.

"Incredible goals, super football moments. I loved the game. We were able to enjoy it and enjoy the rest of the night."

Liverpool ended their 2019/20 campaign in Newcastle at 4pm on Sunday.

The trophy lift finally disappears after 30 years of injury

Liverpool English football reaches its climax after 30 years of frustration and struggle. During that time, there were also some incredible lows, though many - including two Champions League victories.

What happened to the Liverpool 1989/90 title winners?

Confirming the club's 18th league title with a 2–1 win over Queen's Park Rangers on April 28, 1990, at Anfield, Kenny Delgill is expected to continue to top the challenge in the years to come.

However, none of the 13 players selected for Liverpool that day can win the title.

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