Advocate on behalf of Robert Fuller, hanging in CA city: 'Great Concern' Sheriff's Department. 'Inaccurate information' is leaking

The 24-year-old was found hanging from a tree at the Palmdale City intersection.

24-year-old Robert Fuller was found hanging from a tree at the city square in Palmdale, California. The Puller family misinterpreted the rumors.

Law enforcement sources in Los Angeles, as well as various media and legal sources, told ABC News that the rumors include members of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, an agency that investigates Fuller's death, which has been criticized by activists and residents. The family went on to handle the case.

"I'm concerned about who is leaking this false information," Fuller family lawyer Jamon Hicks told ABC News in a phone interview. "Mentioning that [the fee] is 288, it makes me very concerned that someone in the code, the sheriff's department, is leaking misinformation to make it worse and lighter."

He said he believed the rumor of the arrest was untrue because Fuller "and his family could never bear bail" so he could be hanged.

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department has repeatedly refused to comment on the rumor or its origins. Since June 16, ABC has repeatedly sought comment from the News Agency; More than 20 phone calls, emails and texts have been answered: "We cannot verify this;" "Have we not released any information on the Fuller case?" And "Issuing anything about that rumor would be detrimental to the investigation."

Tensions broke out between the Fuller family and the LASD when the agency decided Fuller's June 10 death was a suicide, according to the LASD, and her body was found in Palmdale City Hall from Palmdale City Hall over Pasquilton Square.

Rapid rule created an uproar, and protesters began organizing sit-ins in the working-class city and city hall and sheriff's office.

The family has publicly insisted that Fuller did not kill himself and that there is no possibility of an open suicide in City Square from both Fire Station and City Hall.

When the Fuller family began to question his death, rumors of arrest began to fly, and there was a whisper in law enforcement agencies that Fuller wrote the suicide note, which, according to several sources, spoke to the ABC.

In a statement last week, Hicks said: "There is really no basis for these rumors and it is an attempt to further Mr. Fuller's character." “Even after his death, people are still trying to damage the young man's reputation.

In a phone conversation with Hicks, ABC News, about the arrest rumor, "The subtle message was that his life was in vain. This is the validation we have seen against George Floyd," a Minneapolis police officer nearly crushed after his death. Eight-minute protests were held across the country.

Two weeks after the agency announced it would pursue a more comprehensive investigation into the case - which is being reviewed by the California Attorney General's Office and the FBI - the LASD has not released anything about the investigation or has been transferred to cancellation. Rumor has it that Fuller was arrested.

Another black man, Malcolm Hersh, died two weeks ago in a town in the area. It was later confirmed that there was no foul play in that death. The Fuller family hires an external pathologist to perform an independent autopsy. Hicks said pathologists are still awaiting lab results.

Hicks is also overseeing an independent investigation into the death of Fuller's brother Jeroen Boone, who was murdered on June 17, in an unregistered car by a Sadiqat member of the LA Sheriff's Department who made a "traffic stop", according to LASD. The sheriff's department said Boone, who was wanted on several charges, initially fired and put out the depot fire. In one video of the incident, the LA Sheriff's undercover team heard "clapping" three times before firing dozens, but never identified himself as a policeman.

There was a woman named Shalendra Thomas with Boone in the car and she was hit with a sharp blow, police said. His 7-year-old daughter was also in the car, but undesirable.

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