Afghan girl killed by 3 Taliban gunmen, wounded after killing parents

Afghan girl killed by 3 Taliban gunmen, wounded after killing parents

An Afghan girl has been shot dead by three Taliban gunmen and several others have been injured after rebels killed her parents for political reasons.

16-year-old Kamar Gul was hailed as a hero on social media after engaging in fighter jets with an AK-47 adult rifle during an hour-long shootout with his 12-year-old brother.

Last week, 40 Taliban insurgents stormed his village in Geriveh village in Ghor province.

In the moments before the stalemate, insurgents killed her parents for supporting the Afghan government, which the Taliban have been trying to overthrow for nearly two decades.

Provincial governor's spokesman Mohamed Arf Abar said, "The rebels came to his door and saw his mother who was kicking him. When he saw that they were armed, he refused to open the door."

Abram's mother was shot dead by Taliban insurgents, Abar said, after which he entered the house and killed his father.

Kamar, who witnessed the attack, took the family's rifle and immediately shot and killed three soldiers. She then joined her younger brother Habibullah in an hour-long shootout with the warriors outside her home.

Fellow villagers and militiamen take part in the fighting, with officials saying they were eventually driven out of Gariv.

Amar said Khmer and Habibullah had now been moved to a safer home in another part of Ghor.

“They were in shock for the first two days and couldn’t talk big, but are in good shape now,” Aber said.

"They say 'this is our right because we don't have to live without our parents.' He has no many relatives except his half-brother who lives in the same village. "

Since the incident, Kamar has been praised for his bravery at an Afghanistan cabinet meeting and a photo of himself with an AK-47 sitting on his lap went viral on social media.

It is common for the Taliban to kill Afghan government informers and supporters. Despite the progress of peace talks in recent months, tensions and violence between the two sides have escalated.

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