At least 10 people have died after the Ethiopian singer was killed

ADDIS ABABA At least 10 people have been killed and more than 80 injured in the murder and protests of a famous singer, according to police and a doctor in the Ethiopian capital and adjacent Oromia region.

The unrest exposes the growing division of Prime Minister Abi Ahmed at the Oromo Powerbase as powerful ally activists, former allies who have challenged his government.

Abi called the murder of musician Hakalu Hundsa on Tuesday night a "bad act" in a TV address.

"It is an act of indigenous and foreign enemies to destabilize our peace and prevent us from achieving what we started," he said.

Hakaloo was shot at around 9:30 p.m. Monday, police said. Addis Ababa City Police Commissioner Getu Argav told state media that some of the accused were detained and did not provide details. Police said the murder was planned.

The capital Adis Ababa exploded the next morning. Federal police commissioner Andashev Tsev said three explosions occurred in the city.

"Some of the bombers were killed along with innocent civilians," he said.

He said a police officer was killed along with media magnate Johar Mohammed bodyguards. Last October, scores of Jawar supporters clashed with police and the score died.

The prime minister, Jawar and the slain singer all complained that the largest ethnic groups in Ethiopia, Oromo, were pushed to the brink of power until the 2018 appointment of Abi.

Jawar, who was once a strong supporter of Abeer, has arrested 33 others, including opposition Oromo political party leader Bekele Gerba. Police said they recovered weapons and radios from jawar guards.

After police raided the headquarters and detained its staff, Jawar's TV station had to be broadcast by satellite in the US state of Minnesota.

Jawar posted on Facebook Tuesday about the murder using an alternate spelling of the singer's name.

"They didn't just hit Himachal. They shot once again in the heart of the Oromo Nation !! You can kill us, all of us, you can never stop us !!" She wrote.

Haku criticized the Ethiopian leadership in an interview with the Jawar Media Network last week.

Property offerings

The killing sparked protests in several Oromo cities.

In the city of Adama, 80 wounded were found at the main hospital, said Dr. Dai. Mekonen Faiza told Reuters. Many were shot, but some were beaten or beaten. Eight people died in the hospital, he said.

Footage on social media showed that there was a large crowd of people around the car to take the hacaloo carcass, which is slowly moving 100 miles west of Amis Ababa, to its hometown of Ambo.

In Oromo City, Harare, painters drag protesters and see the statue of the father of former Emperor Haley Selassie. Reuters could not verify the authenticity of the images or videos.

Telephone services were intermittent and the Internet was shut down as officials took a step forward during political unrest.

NetBlocks, a company that oversees global Internet shutdowns, said the shutdown started at 9:00 am local time and has been very intense for the past year.

Sound for the solution

The bloody protest that lasted for several years inspired the Hakis to bring Abi to power.

Hakala, a former political prisoner, gained prominence during anti-government demonstrations that began in the heartland of Oromo. Decades after Abi came to power in 2018, the domination of ethnic Tigre leaders is over.

Abi introduced more political and economic freedom in one of the most repressive states on the continent and won the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize for ending the conflict with neighboring Eritrea.

But racial and political skirmish has sparked long-standing complaints. Local power brokers compete for land and resources in a nation of over 80 species.

Abi's efforts to end the violence and his emphasis on pan-Ethiopian politics have provoked a firestorm from some former supporters and his ability to enforce the order in the event of an election may be severely tested.

Elections are due in August but due to COVID-19 has been postponed until next year

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