Biden said he did not hold campaign rallies during the epidemic: 'I'm going to follow the doctor's orders'

As the US faces new advances in coronavirus matters, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said he would return to traditional conventions, unless large gatherings are at risk.

When a reporter asked if he planned to hold any rallies between now and November, the candidate made it clear that epidemic concerns were first coming.

"This is a very unusual campaign, I think, in modern history," said Mr. Biden. "Well, I'll start with the premise, Mike. I'm going to follow the doctor's orders. For me, but I'm not going to rally.

"I'm not going to - for example, you're all here, but thankfully the school has surrounded those circles, so we're all about social distance, masks. As soon as I'm done, I put on my mask. It's almost all virtual. I went to Houston, but I went to Pennsylvania - I travel, but when I go, I go in, make my case, and then leave. "

Mr. Biden questioned reporters at a press conference at a school gymnasium, saying that the press packs, which are kept separate from each other, are protected.

“But you know me,” I say, “because I go out with a lot of people, and it feels good to be there. I look through their eyes, from the plane of voices they are concerned about, and understand about it.

"However, this does not surprise me - ironically, we have reached a lot more people directly."

Donald Trump is preparing for a July 4 fireworks show at Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, as Mr. Biden's announcement is expected to draw 7,500 viewers. Governor Christie Noam told Fox News this week that attendees do not need to wear social masks or wear masks.

When Mr. Trump was questioned about his stalwart leadership in many elections, including several swing states - Mr. Biden cautioned not to go away.

"I don't want to zinc me. I know voting data is really good, but I think it's really early. It's too early to make any decisions. I think we have a lot of work to do. My plan - to work in detail if I am elected president, is what I am going to do to make sure people know what's going on. "

Asked if he was preparing for a debate with Mr. Trump, Biden smiled: "I can't wait."

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