Britain leads a normal life during Christmas but is preparing for the second COVID-19 wave

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he hoped Britain would return to normalcy before Christmas to lift lockdown sanctions, but warned that while he hoped for the best, the country should also be prepared for the worst.

Britain is the most affected country in Europe by COVID-19, with 45,000 cases dying with confirmed cases, but national lockdown restrictions have begun to be lifted as case numbers and infection rates decline.

Johnson set the latest timetable for relaxation on Friday, saying employers would be given more discretion when working from home, big celebrations would be tested for safety and social security rules for Christmas could be dropped in a timely manner.

"My strong and heartfelt hope is that we can review the best sanctions and allow them to return to normal as soon as possible from November - perhaps for Christmas," he said.

However, he stressed that the plan was successful in reducing the infection rate, giving new powers to COVID-19 hotspots, and setting up additional health care funds for the local government.

"We make sure we are ready for winter and planning for the worst, but when we plan for the worst, I believe we are also hoping for the best," he told a news conference.

The government faced criticism on many different aspects of its response to the epidemic, the lockdown was too slow to implement and failed to speed up testing efficiency.

Johnson said he would repeal official guidelines from August 1, encourage people to work from home, and give employers the power to decide whether it is safe for workers.

Johnson provided a cash incentive of 3. 3 billion (76 3.76 billion) for the publicly funded health system, which would be immediately available and allow the use of private hospitals and temporary sector hospitals to mitigate the growing winter burden.

With the increase to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland after the knockout, the announcement of funding only applies to English health care.

The government will increase testing efficiency and flexibility, increase the stockpile of protective equipment, and increase the annual flu vaccination program, beware of the stress of other seasonal diseases.

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