Enter the prize to win 8 pints for ice cream supply per year

Celebrate National Ice Cream

Celebrate National Ice Cream Day on Sunday with a special ice cream

DETROIT - On National Ice Cream Day you can hit the heat with a special gouache.

Today you can win free ice cream and save on Midwest-Bunny Hudsonville ice cream at local grocery stores.

This offer is available online for all ice cream lovers in the Midwest.

You can register cheaply to win your choice of 8 pints or an ice cream supply per year.

The winner of the 8 pins will be chosen on July 20 and the winner of the supply of the year on July 27.

Huntsville is offering a special coupon for $ 2 through any taste.

Do you need a reason to enjoy free ice cream? Literally, there is no better way to celebrate summer than ice cream.

Huntsville Ice Cream makes over 50 flavors, with traditional ice cream and dairy-free options available in more than a dozen states at scoop shops and grocery stores, including one near you.

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