Charlize Theron may not compromise for love. The 44-year-old actress - who has

Charlize Theron may not compromise for love. The 44-year-old actress - who has

The 44-year-old actress - who has adopted children Jackson, eight, and four-year-old August - is "very open" to a new relationship but, in latest years, she's determined she may not be making adjustments to go well with a viable associate due to the fact she's very completely happy with her existence the way it is.

She advised OK! Magazine "I'm nonetheless very open to love. I'd love to meet somebody. However, if something would not sense right I'm now not inclined to compromise. It in reality modified for me in my forties.

"I get myself in hassle each time I speak about this however I'm simply absolutely glad being single.

"My lifestyles feels surely fulfilled proper now so it is no longer like there is this gap that I want to fill. But I am open to suggestions.

"I hope I'll meet any individual who's delighted by using all the element I have to offer.

"However, I'm now at an age where, till that happens, I'm now not inclined to settle for less. My existence is simply too beautiful, too top and I'm too joyful to have all and sundry come and pee on my parade."

The 'Old Guard' actress is grateful she has a desirable assist community round her who are usually inclined to step in and assist out with her children due to the fact she believes she cannot be an absolutely "great other" barring getting some respiratory house away from her brood.

She said: "I'm elevating my lovely adolescents with this superb 'village'. Some of them are my excellent friends, as properly as my mother. There have been days in the previous the place they'd exhibit up at my door and I'd be like, 'How did you recognize I definitely want you to take them for two hours?'

"Those humans are very essential to me, due to the fact I do not suppose you can be an excellent mom except taking these breaks. Nobody can do it all the time."

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