Charlize Theron: Res actresses usually don't get a second chance with action films'

Charlize Theron: Res actresses

Charlize Theron This action is “not a very forgiving style” and actresses who appear in flop films are unlikely to get a second chance.

These days the Oscar winner is known as an action star, thanks to her roles in Mad Max: Fury Road, Atomic Blonde, and the new film The Old Guard, but her first action outing on Flux became useless in 2005 and he waited 10 years. Before another chance along Fury Road.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Charlize did not touch an actress for an action film because she starred in Failure, but not for the opposite sex.

"Unfortunately, the very sad truth with female heads in any film is that when they are not successful, this mentality is, 'Well, if that doesn't work, you should never touch it again.' '' Most women don't get a second chance, but when men make these films and fail miserably, they get a chance after going back and exploring.

"If you look at me, for example, there's been a good decade after Fury Road in Flux, and there's always been a sore throat in the back of my head that has some answer ... It's unfortunate that we have a chance. If we do not succeed, stay away from heartbreak, but it's true. This is not a very forgiving style for women. "

Charlize, who also co-produced 2017's Atomic Blonde and The Old Guard, which hit Netflix earlier this month, has admitted that making multiple action movies at once means intensifying her fighting choreography.

“It’s always the first month at the gym, and you worry about it not coming back,” she explained. "I think the connection between the brain and the body is gone; you have to regain it."

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