China has warned that Britain will 'suffer the consequences' of the Hong Kong decision

China has warned that Britain will 'suffer the consequences' of the Hong Kong decision

The Chinese ambassador accused the UK government of interfering in China’s internal affairs by suspending the handover with Hong Kong and warned Beijing voices and warned of the consequences.

On Monday, UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb announced that his government would follow in the footsteps of Australia, Canada, and the US and formally terminate the extradition agreement with Hong Kong in response to Beijing's unilateral enforcement of national security laws. Give.

It came during a visit by US Secretary of State Mike Pompey to London to discuss the Brexit free trade agreement with China, 5G, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Arrived in Pompeo on Monday night and did not address the media.

Established after the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989, China also expanded its arms embargo on Embarko to Hong Kong and last week snatched Chinese telco Huawei from a future role in Britain's 5G network.

Liu Xiaoming, China's ambassador to London, has been accused of "interfering in China's internal affairs and violating international law and enforcing basic rules governing international relations."

"China has never interfered in Britain's internal affairs. Britain should do the same with China. Otherwise, its consequences will have to be borne.

A spokesman for the embassy said Britain had "repeatedly made inaccurate remarks" on Hong Kong's national security laws.

"Now China's serious situation towards Britain and has repeatedly fallen into the wrong path of representation," the spokesman said.

"The Chinese government is unstable in its commitment to enforcing the National Security Act for Hong Kong ... to protect national sovereignty, security, and development interests and to prevent external interference." China will fiercely fight any action that interferes with its internal affairs. "

Hawkeye State Mouthpiece Global Times editor-in-chief Hu Jijin said China would "certainly" face UK sanctions, but that they were in very small areas and that Sino-British relations were beyond repair.

"Britain is largely controlled by the United States and relies heavily on Washington."

Separately, the magazine warned anonymous observers that it would "pay the price for its further actions against China" and that London-based bank HSBC could be the first target.

Previous UK announcements to help and rehabilitate Hong Kong people who want to avoid the threat of "negative actions" for Beijing.

In his speech, Rub stressed the desire for continued cooperation with China but said the move was a fair and proportionate response to the new laws, which have been described as broad, misinterpreted, and Draconian aimed at fundamental freedom of expression. Gives political assent in a semi-autonomous city.

China has been accused of violating the Sino-British joint declaration guaranteeing 50 years of autonomy to Hong Kong after British control in 1997.

Diplomatic entry or tougher sanctions by countries including Britain, the United States, and Australia in response to the laws have not changed China’s increasingly aggressive policies on the Hong Kong, South China Sea, or the treatment of Uyghur minority groups.

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